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Hi, my name is Ben and I am a Videographer based just outside of London.

I work across multiple genres to create captivating and unique films that help tell your story. With multiple years of experience, knowledge and understanding, I know the exact steps in which it takes to create a video that will help capture an audience and drive traffic directly to your business.

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For showcasing your business via promotional content.


Capture your event, open day or special occasion.


Match visuals to your unique sound and style.

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“Ben called upfront to understand my goals and was very customer-focused. You made us feel very relaxed during the shoot, and by the end of it I felt a lot more comfortable on camera.”


“Ben helped myself and a few others produce a football documentary that was screened to a cinema full of people. It came out exceptionally well and it wouldn’t have happened without Ben’s skills and knowledge.”

Chris Seal

The shoot I did with Ben went fantastically. He gave me a variety of filming options and explained which will work for the environment we were working in and why. We had a great day and if you have the pleasure of working with him, you will too.

James Campbell

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